“Stop The Layoffs” Petition

Please help to stop the layoffs in the
Dutchess County Executive’s tentative 2012 Budget.

You may already know that the Dutchess County Executive has released his Tentative 2012 Budget to the Legislature — a budget that calls for the layoff of 22 employees in the Department of Mental Hygiene and ending services to Dutchess County’s most vulnerable population, the mentally ill.

These employees are trying to save their jobs as well as represent the population of Dutchess County that they serve. They have no union, no voice or representation but us.

Please help us to get the attention of the Dutchess County Legislature to STOP THE LAYOFFS and continue the services by taking a moment to sign our petition at the link below.* Each signature will automatically send an email to the general Legislative email account. When you are done signing would you also consider forwarding this note to any of your friends who might also help.


Note: The time period for signing this partition has ended.
You can still express your opinion about this issue by contacting your legislator directly!

This page provides email addresses for your legislators (not up-to-date):

Your Dutchess County Legislators

Thank you for your time and helping to save jobs and services.