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What happens when Women Veterans return from military service and re-enter their lives back home?  How do they re-adapt to civilian life?  How do Civilian Women grapple with how to support and welcome them home?

 The Veteran-Civilian DialogueTM  (VCD) is a powerful form of community building and social healing focused on addressing the cost of conflict in our society, and providing meaningful tools for reconciliation and healing.  VCDs are live events where veterans and civilians learn to connect in facilitated conversations around the impact of war upon both groups.  They have proven to be life-altering for those who attend, and healing for the larger elements of the communities that are brought together through the process.
The VCD was created in 2008 by US Marines Combat Veteran, Larry Winters, and Scott Thompson, counselor and former Army chaplain, at http://vetfamsa.org Intersections International (IntersectionsInternational.org.) Intersections works with people and communities in conflict to promote peace, justice and reconciliation, creating experiences that allow diverse people to share in unexpected moments that shift perceptions.

The Veteran-Civilian Dialogues are changing the lives of those who participate.  Join us in learning how to better understand each other.   Bring an open heart and mind, and leave transformed.

Details of this event are below:

DATE: MAY 31, 2013     
         TIME: 6 – 9 pm       *Handicapped Accessible    
                           LOCATION: Hilltop Hanover Farm  1271 Hanover Street  Yorktown Heights, NY  10598
                                                         Admission Free  including light supper  – Donations Accepted
            RESERVATION REQUIRED:      MARY WAGNER 845-522-0331   or   LORI ARELLA  845-226-4218
This Event is Co-Sponsored by:
Intersections, Better Homes and Gardens, Rand Realty, and VETFAMSA
HEALING A COMMUNITY AT WAR   VETFAMSA is a grassroots coalition, working to raise awareness about the needs of  returning troops, veterans, and military families in New York’s Hudson Valley   www.vetfamsa.org