Local Happenings: Summer Teachers’ Workshop

Fellow math teachers,

With the end of the school year in sight, you may be wondering what to do with yourself this summer. The answer is our Summer Teachers’ Workshop!

Summer Workshop 2013 at Bard College (July 29 – August 2)

This summer’s theme is “Volume and Surface Area.” We’re looking forward to helping participants deepen their content knowledge of Solid Geometry and enrich their math classrooms with challenging problems. The workshop is designed for middle school math teachers, but all math teachers are welcome.

Mathematical Program

The workshop features 24 contact hours of mathematics centered around Volume and Surface Area. Mornings consist of collaborative problem sessions, while the afternoon talks—led by NY Math Circle instructors and Bard math professors—enrich and extend.

The co-organizers of the workshop are Japheth Wood, executive director of the New York Math Circle and math professor in the Bard Master of Arts in Teaching program, and Justin Lanier, math teacher at Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn, and math blogger at I Choose Math and Math Munch. Japheth and Justin have designed the workshop to address the following questions, and more:

  • How are surface area and volume defined, and what are the connections between them?
  • How are volume and surface area formulas (such as for prisms, cones, and spheres) established?
  • What is the history of the subject, from Euclid and Archimedes to the modern day?
  • What are some challenging (yet accessible) problems, as well as hands-on math activities that will inspire our students and enrich our math classrooms?
  • How does this topic connect to the mathematics in high school and beyond?

For more information and to register for the workshop visit: http://www.nymathcircle.org/workshop

Public School Teachers: The Math for America discount for public school teachers drops the cost for the week (including room and board) from $445 to just $295. A letter from your principal is required.

Commuters: Local teachers save $150 for not requiring a dorm room for the week. But you still get everything else, including meals!

PD and Graduate Credit: Upon completion, you will receive a certificate and a letter documenting 24 math contact hours. With the approval from your principal, this can count as PD. You can also earn 2 graduate credits from the Bard MAT Program (a separate processing fee applies) by documenting how this workshop enriches your classroom over the following year. 

Entertainment and Arts offerings

Independent of our workshop, the arts are alive at Bard College this summer. We’ve cleared the schedule on Wednesday afternoon for you to explore. You could choose to attend a 3pm performance of Oresteia by Sergey Taneyev, go for a hike, or discover other treasures that the area has to offer.

Our closing meal on Thursday evening will be at the Spiegeltent: a choice of classic summer fare — including burgers and brats from the grill, fresh salads, gourmet ice cream, and handcrafted beers and wines from the Hudson Valley region. Vegetarian options available, of course. Dinner transforms into performance, with Spiegeltent’s Thursday Night Live! Musicians Imharhan and Mamadou Kelly perform Music of Mali.