Here and Now: Forecast for 2014 County Budget is Dismal


In a presentation made to the legislature last month, County Budget Director, Valerie Sommerville, said the county has little to or no cushion in the general fund and very little options for making up the money. Dutchess is facing significant fiscal challenges and uncertainties. The county budgeted for a 2.2% increase in sales tax revenues and so far this year sales tax revenue is down 1.25%, leaving a projected gap of $3.4 million. In addition, the county counted on the State Legislature to allow the county to increase the mortgage recording tax that was projected to give us $4.8 million in additional revenues. The state legislature, however, did not pass this home rule request.

The County Executive is currently working to craft the 2014 Dutchess County budget. As a result, the county is once again requesting your feedback regarding the programs and services offered by Dutchess County Government and what choices YOU would make regarding revenue and spending options. The Budget Survey provides residents with an overview of where county government’s revenue comes from and how county dollars are spent. This year, there is a new “Help Us Balance the Budget” section, where residents can make revenue and expense decisions necessary to close the currently projected $27 million gap for the 2014 budget.

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