Here and Now: Did You Know?

County Tax Exemption for Senior Citizens

The County Legislature approved a local law that would provide a county property tax exemption to individuals with disabilities and limited incomes. The exemption would not go beyond the amount of a senior citizen tax exemption that is already being given by a school district or local municipality where the person resides.


Recently, the County received $688,340 from the HOME Investment Partnership Program to help build affordable housing. The County also received $652,325 from the Workforce Investment Act and the National Emergency Grant to support on the job training programs.

Dutchess – Ulster Public Defender Pilot

The County Legislature approved a pilot project designed to save money on shared services between the Public Defender’s Offices of both Dutchess and Ulster Counties. The Ulster County Legislature has also approved the program. In cases where there is a conflict of interest, they will switch staff. This type of shared service is the first of its kind in New York State and the Legislature hopes to be a model for other county governments.

New County Historian

Dutchess County Legislators voted to approve William P. Tatum, III as the new Dutchess County Historian. He was one of 76 candidates who applied for the position that had been vacant for the last 5 years. The position is not expected to cost taxpayers any additional money because the funding comes from a position that was vacant in the County Clerk’s Office. Mr. Tatum will be responsible for collecting and preserving documents, maps, photographs and other materials pertaining to the history of Dutchess County.