Local Happenings: The Middle School Movement with Amanda Mason

On April 4th, the Prevention Foundation of the Mid-Hudson Valley hosted a business luncheon at the Villa Borghesse in Wappingers. Amanda Mason, also known as Miss New York 2013, was in attendance to discuss her efforts in the war against addiction.

photo 2



Miss New York with Senator Terry Gipson


Mason has initiated “The Middle School Movement” in which she visits students ages 11-14 to discuss the dangers of drug addiction.  Although she makes appearances a many high schools and middle schools, Amanda finds herself concentrating on junior high school students.  At the luncheon, she mentioned drug abuse usually starts in middle school and progresses into high school.  Mason feels it’s important to speak to children during the pre-adolescents years, in order to “reach youth before alcohol and drugs do”.

photo 4


Mason demonstrated her approach on connecting with the students.




Amanda Mason started her prevention program while she was still in high school; she noticed there was an influx in drug use, but there were no programs to educate students about the dangers of drug abuse.  Teachers and schools didn’t know how to handle these situations; Amanda felt it was important to implement a prevention program.  Today, Mason travels to schools everywhere encouraging students to have a dream, continue on the right path, while raising drug abuse awareness.