Local Happenings: Appointment at the Resource Recovery Agency

This month the County Legislature voted to fill a vacancy on the Resource Recovery Agency Board. While my vote and my colleague’s vote were counted as a yes vote, I would like it noted for the record that we did not support resolution 2014095.  I would also like it noted when it came time to discuss the resolution, Chairman Rolison blatantly ignored the fact that I had my hand up and did not allow me to speak.  Perhaps he knew I would speak on the issue of Pay to Play.

The appointee, David E. Petrovits, in resolution 2014095 has contributed well over $25,000 to the Republican Committee and candidates who run for office, from both his personal account and all three businesses. If you go to the NYS Board of Elections website and look under campaign finance and search for the name or company, you will find the contributions.  In addition, this appointee has made inappropriate political remarks which I find both inappropriate and unacceptable.

For the record, I co-sponsored a resolution limiting contributions of businesses who contract with the county similar to Rockland County. However, this resolution was voted down by the republican majority. My colleagues have asked for it to be placed on the agenda once again but that request has been denied by Chairman Rolison.

It is important for Dutchess County residents to be aware of the various resolutions that come before the legislature on a monthly basis. Sometimes things that seem so simple are actually not.  Pay to play is alive and well and we should be very cautious who we allow to serve on various committees.  Those who claim they want to better the community and yet exhibit actions to the contrary should not be rewarded.

Dutchess County’s current “pay to play” culture has reinforced the sad truth that our government is beholden to entrenched special interest groups and not the people.