2015 Dutchess County Tentative Budget – Drains Fund Balance

Budget 3

Budget does not make up for the loss of revenue from the Energy Tax nor the one time revenue shot from the state aid ($5.25 million) that is balancing the 2014 budget.

The structural deficit of $4.875 million significantly drains fund balance (nearly 20%) to a dangerously low level of 5% of the budget minimum threshold.  Any further unexpected expenses or revenue shortfalls will further strain a very weak fund balance, and put the county’s good bond rating at risk.

For the last 3 years I’ve been in office, we have had to use the Fund Balance to “balance the budget.” Feel free to visit our website and look at the last three budget cycles.  http://www.co.dutchess.ny.us/CountyGov/Departments/CountyExecutive/CEIndex.htm