2015 Dutchess County TENTATIVE BUDGET – What else you should know

Budget 5

2015 Budget not balanced because the County spends more than it collects.  We have not resolved the County’s reliance on economically-sensitive revenue.  The proposed plan spends more than it collects in revenue, creating a structural $4.875 million dollar deficit.

Sales tax and other economically-sensitive revenue projections are down $8M and Property Tax Revenue projections are down $1M.  The County’s tax base continues to decline by $400M – a total decline of $9.28 billion over 7 years.

Budget does not make up for the loss of revenue from the Energy Tax nor the one time revenue shot from the state aid that is balancing the 2014 budget.

See 2015 Budget in Brief.  http://www.dutchessny.gov/