Legislative Report for Dec. 11, 2014

Legislative Report for August 14, 2014

Activities:  Attended the county legislative meeting, the airport advisory committee meeting and the meeting of the permanent citizens advisory committee to the MTA.  Also attended a justice rally in Beacon at the request of Councilman Ali Muhammad.  Worked on public relations content regarding the county budget. Fielded calls and emails regarding various national, state, county, and school issues.  Also managed website and social media content.

Bills: Voted no on the 2015 Capital Improvements Program since it is incomplete and missing data. The spending plan also borrows more and increases our debt service to record high levels and puts in motion significant future tax increases to hit taxpayers in 2016 and beyond.  Voted no on the 2015 County Budget because budget plan spends more in expenditures than it collects in revenue creating a recurring structural deficit.  The deficit will be offset by appropriating $4.9 million out of the already fragile general fund balance and any shortfalls in the County collection of sales tax projections will have an impact on the deficit.  The $150K in additional funding for additional alternatives to incarceration programs is minimal and having to continue to house out inmates when the pods were supposed to resolve our “inmate housing out” problem are of concern as well.