Monthly Group Meeting Bringing Veterans Together

Outreach Meeting Pic

Is coordinating a monthly group meeting that brings Veterans together throughout the community to address our challenges in the civilian world. This is a strict ‘Veterans only’ program to help discourage people with outside agendas. A one-time ID check is mandatory to prevent these actions. These meetings also give Veterans a unique opportunity to express their concerns regarding services for Veterans, as we are in direct contact with the County Legislature and State/ Congressional representatives. All walks of life in our Veterans community are welcome; from WW2 on up to GWOT, combat and non-combat alike. We are all one, and our mission is to continue to always serve and honor our brothers and sisters, and to let our voices be heard! One Team, One Fight!

Location: Pleasant Valley Town Hall, Pleasant Valley New York
Date & Time: Wednesday, December 17th @ 1900 – 2100

Contact Info:
Keith O’Hanlon      Email:
Ryan O’Sullivan      Email:

Required ID: VA issued ID, Favor card, or DD-214 with government issued ID

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance in maintaining integrity of the group.  

What’s said here, stays here!