Breaking the Cycle Assembly Non-violent Conflict Resolution through Forgiveness

Principal ThompsonGroup Photo Audience

Attended the Wappingers Falls Junior High School ant-violence project Assembly Friday, March 27, 2015. The objective was to offer students hope for change and alternatives to violence in resolving conflicts. See  Ian Winter is the Director.

We had the following speakers in attendance:
Mr. Christoph Arnold, author of 12 books and chaplain of the Ulster County, NY Sheriff’s Department;

Mr. Hashim Garrett, CEO of “Wisdom and Understanding”. At 15 years he was paralyzed from the waist down through a gang related shooting, but turned his life around; and

Mrs. Ann Marie D’Aliso, who lost her son, Pat, to suicide at 16 years of age. Ann Marie and her husband, Patrick worked through the trauma that ensued. She is now on the board of the American Foundation for Suicide, has a Survivor Support Group, and speaks in schools and ‘survivor groups’ on trauma, recovery and forgiveness.

Thank you to the Breaking the Cycle organization for putting the time and effort in forming such a meaningful project together for our youth and a special thanks to Mr. Terrence A. Thompson – Principal and his staff for bringing this project to Wappingers Falls Junior High School.