Legislative Report for Aug. 13, 2015

Legislative Report for August 14, 2014

Activities:  Attended monthly legislative committee and board meetings. Met with two constituents. Reviewed the Grace Smith House and Dutchess County Airport audits. Fielded calls and emails regarding agriculture; the county airport; economic development and low wages; Metro North; the proposed puppy and kitten mill resolution; the county jail; the PSC petition for Broadband; and the health and wellness fair.  Worked on the 4th Annual Health & Wellness Fair and had to postpone to Saturday, September 26, 2015.  Managed social media content.


Bills: Voted against resolution 2015196, giving full authority to the County Executive for ALL commercial contracts and leases without a public hearing or further legislative approval. All resolutions related to Westchester Airport go before the Westchester legislature and require a public hearing. Therefore, we should follow suit. Voted in favor of 2015199-200, approving a solar array at Dutchess County Airport. Also voted in favor of 2015201, the NACo Stepping Up Initiative, to join the Call to Action to reduce the number of people in our county jail, to commit to sharing lessons learned with other county counties and encourage others to participate in Stepping Up.