Legislative Report for Oct. 15, 2015

Legislative Report for August 14, 2014

Activities:  Attended the county committee and board meetings.  Also attended the Latino Rising Stars, the Latino Leaders in Politics and the Innercity Works events. On Oct. 14, 2015, I attended the public hearing regarding the Myers Corners Road Improvements Project at Town Hall.  Met with three constituents. Conducted additional research pertaining to “toxic toys,” microbeads and pesticide notification regulations.  Responded to calls and emails regarding environmental initiatives; the merger of the health department and department of mental hygiene; the county airport; economic development; family services;  and upcoming community events.

Bills: “Toxic Toys,” microbeads and pesticide notification resolutions were tabled.

Letters:  Signed on to the following letters: Ltr to NYS PSC to immediately cease and desist in its ongoing “Alternating Current Transmission Project;” Ltr NYS Legislature asking them to pursue additional dredging of the Hudson River with GE; and Ltr to NYS legislature asking for a ban on toxic toys.