Amparo stood up for homeowners fighting FEMA


Please read a Letter to the Editor regarding my work as County Legislator.

Many events have happened over the last year. However, one of the most important events that occurred was that my neighbors and I fought with the Town of Wappingerand Federal Emergency Management Agency regarding flood insurance policies that we were mandated to take on our homes.

We have been fighting this uphill battle for over a year, using our own money to prove our case. With considerable assistance from Dutchess County Legislator Francena Amparo, we finally won and we no longer have to pay flood insurance in the community of Cloverdale Place, All Angels Hill Road and Carrol Drive.

Unfortunately, we only have one homeowner out of the eight families that has yet to be taken out of the flood zone. Whenever we had a meeting, Francena was there to lend support. Whenever we needed an answer of where we stood and what we thought our next plan of operation would be, Francena was there. Whenever we had a town meeting regarding the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the new letter of map revision that we needed, Francena attended these meetings.

I eagerly beg the residents of Wappingers Falls to re-elect Francena Amparo as our county legislator. She has done an impeccable job, is a person that cares for the people that live in her town and the surrounding areas, and she comes to bat for us when we need it. Vote Amparo!

Diane Loehr
Wappingers Falls