Amparo has served Wappinger residents well as legislator


Please read another letter to the editor regarding my work as your County Legislator.

I am writing in support of Dutchess County Legislator Francena Amparo, District 14.  Before being placed into a high-risk flood zone by the Federal Emergency Management Agency in 2013, I had no real interest in local politics. This new mapping, however, included a mandatory insurance premium even though my home does not border any water and FEMA has never been to my neighborhood to actually view the area.

Luckily, Legislator Amparo understood the unfairness of this to me, as well more than 200 other Wappinger residents. She organized meetings, attended town and resident gatherings and spent hours following up on all possible assistance. Due to her efforts and those of U.S. Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, my town has unanimously agreed to apply for a letter of map revision for my neighborhood.

We already have heard that five out of seven of our homes have been removed from the costly floodplain. Amparo’s work ethic and concern for residents has saved thousands of dollars for those who were removed, and gained many back the equity in their homes. Thank goodness there are politicians like Francena Amparo out there who genuinely care about fairness for absolute strangers in Wappinger.

Francena was a stranger not long ago, but is now a friend and hero to myself and many others. She attends every local event possible and has boundless energy. She has definitely earned my vote for District 14 county legislator.

Elizabeth Satterlee
Wappingers Falls